Friday, January 22, 2010

And the Growing Begins...

A Few Tips:

Most seeds can be stored in the refrigerator, and can withstand cold treatment. Annual flowers and vine seeds usually germinate without any cold treatment. Very tiny seeds (like snapdragons) can be sown right on top of the growing medium surface for germination. Hard coated seeds can benefit from being nicked and soaked in water before sowing. For example, Morning Glory seeds germinate faster when soaked before sowing. Seeds that benefit from cold treatment are usually Cold Hardy Perennials. They can be winter sown in the ground or prepared indoors. Keep in mind when sowing seeds indoors the key is: You are trying to duplicate how germination occurs in natural conditions for that particular plant. For preparing indoors, soak the seeds for 24 hours. Then place the seeds in a ziplock bag in the freezer (very cold hardy plants) or in the refrigerator (semi-cold hary plants) for 6-12 weeks until ready to sow. Therefore they will already be cold stratified and ready for sowing indoors. Always use good seed starting soil when trying to start new seeds. Purchased seed starting medium has the adequate growing nutrients for starting seedlings. Viola seeds benefit from darkness when germinating, others may need light and high warmth. Therefore do not cover seeds with soil and provide bottom warmth. Remember keep all seed starting moist until germination.


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