Friday, March 2, 2012

Scented Geraniums - Kim

Many of you know...but for those that don't. I have open co-ops and launching a few more before this week is out. Group purchasing is a great way to "feed" that exciting need for new and different plants! Who doesn't want new and exciting plants? Plants which are unusual and NOT available in the Big Box Stores... That’s what Co-ops…by Kim is all about. Our goal is to offer you the most exciting new plant varieties available in the market today. For more information visit my co-op page. 

Today I have opened a co-op for scented geraniums (22 cultivars).


Garden Centre said...

Thanks for your appreciation! I feel very strongly about the plight of our native bees and hope that this blog will help people identify them and want to help save them by growing nectar-rich plants in their gardens.

Garden centre Isle of Wight

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