Friday, May 13, 2011

The Garden Blues

I've been real lazy this growing season. Not sure what has really gotten in to me..but I sigh. I have recently been looking online. For plants that I want to purchase from different plant nurseries. Which the Shipping prices are astronomical! The really sad part is I have the seeds to just about everything I wanted to buy. So I decided to get off my hump and germinate some seeds. I've been known to be the "Germinating Queen". So why not live up to my name? So today I pulled out the seeds of each plants I was trying to buy. I will start them in the windowsill at this time. I'm sure they will germinate in about 7-14 days and will post pictures. I will use a small plastic cup with vermiculite nearly drenched. Which seems to work best for the type of seeds I'll be starting. Then enclose each cup in a plastic ziplock bag.

In the picture below I have a few sprouts of Himalayan Blue Poppy which emerged yesterday..I'm sure they'll be more I can see the seed splitting.


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